ROUND 4 CIV – RMU Racing Team

Bittersweet weekend for RMU Racing Team in the fourth round of CIV ​​Championship, good performances but injury for Rato

Misano, 29 July 2019 – The fourth weekend of races at Misano World Circuit has just ended, with the double date of the 2019 CIV Championship. The weekend was characterized by variable weather and frequent rains, that made the track difficult to race in.

Saturday, July 27 Race 1 was held. Excellent qualifications for Matteo Boncinelli who gets the third position and the top speed starting from the front row. Good times for Mattia Rato as well, who, however, fell in Qualifying 2 breaking his ulna and wrist, thus not being able to compete. Recovery is expected in the summer break, so that he will be ready for the next round. At the start of the race, Boncinelli immediately moved into the lead positions and, in a very competitive race, ended up eight (then penalized in P13 for having exceeded the limits of the track).

In the PreMoto 3 class Andrea Natali after finishing the Qualifying in 17 position makes a good improvement finishing the race in 12 position. Excellent performance and second place for Filippo Farioli (RMU, Pasini Racing Team).

Wet Race 2 on Sunday 28. A truly exciting race for Boncinelli (Matteo) who started from the front row. With poor track conditions rider n. 8 managed to stay in the podium area for the entire duration of the race, making a couple of bailouts in extremis to avoid the fall. Unfortunately, he was not able to conclude his last lap and he fell while he was in fourth position.

PreMoto race 3 very positive for Andrea Natali, which further improved the times of the previous day and ended the race in 7 position, a short distance from the first. Another podium for Filippo Farioli on RMU finishing in first position.

The next round will take place at Mugello Circuit on September 21 and 22.

Alessandro Ruozi, Team Coordinator

“I am satisfied and proud of the team, we have worked excellently and the riders have shown their value. I wish good luck to Mattia hoping that he will recover soon and that he is ready for Mugello “